5th Annual Invite to Ignite

Date & Time: Tue., March 2, 2021 at 6:00 PM

About this Event

We believe the best antidote to the challenges of the day is ACTION. So if you’re among the isolated, frustrated or eager to make a difference, we invite you to come be uplifted and maybe even enticed into getting involved.

For the last four years, the Boston Area Sustainability Group (BASG) has hosted a special evening to celebrate the positive actions of local groups with the goal of providing a breadth of opportunity for our members to sample volunteer opportunities. Over the course of the pandemic, we shifted to an online platform and now welcome guests from around the globe. With that in mind, we are including not only local-to-Boston groups, but also national and international groups if possible. 

Confirmed organizations for this March include new faces and veteran favorites:

The evening will buzz and be as fast-paced and fun as always. Our amazing guest organizations will give their short pitch after which you can jump around to visit them in their “corner of the room” in the portion of the evening we call speed dating for cause. Yes, we can do this in Zoom and we will! These cool people do cool stuff, maybe doing it with you in the future.

Grab your tickets now and we’ll welcome you in March!