Invite to Ignite


Invite to Ignite!
Feb. 7, 2017 | 6:00-8:30 PM | CIC – Venture Cafe (5th Fl.) | One Broadway, Cambridge

February is a call to action showcasing the inspirational work of action-based organizations right here in the Greater Boston Area with invitations to join in. Because this is wicked exciting and so many people are doing wonderful things, this night will take a different shape from our usual events. Sure, we’ll start with at bit of networking followed by our rapid-fire introductions at 6:15.

And then, the first six groups, all new to BASG, will present in the Net Impact ignite format with 5-6 minutes each. Next, local groups we know and love here at BASG and some newbies we’re anxious to meet get 2 minutes each to pitch their organizations. AND THEN, we’re going to experiment with SPEED DATING FOR CAUSE – where our guests will spread themselves around the room so you can go talk to anyone who interests you.

We’re inviting a variety of organizations with a focus on celebrating significant progress, momentum, urgency, innovation and disruption. We look to communities, non-profits, academia, government and industry. Please help spread the word, far and wide. Here’s who’s already on board:

Mothers Out Front – Mobilizing for a Livable Planet is building a powerful grassroots movement to ensure a swift, complete, and just transition away from fossil fuels and toward clean and renewable energy and needs our help. Meet Zeyneb Magavi, Co-coordinator for Mothers Out Front Cambridge, pursuing a Masters in Sustainability, serving on the board of HEET, on ENVISION Cambridge, teaching gardening at her kids school., and mother of 3. Mothers Out Front is a growing movement active in MA, NY, CA and VA.

The Sierra Club – Meet: John Pitkin, vice president of Green Cambridge and a member of the Executive Committee of the Sierra Club’s Greater Boston Group. He was one of two lead organizers of the 2016 Cambridge Climate Congress. He’ll tell us about the Sierra Club, but feel free to ask him about his other involvements.

Boston Area Gleaners – a leading food recovery non-profit that focuses on capturing local produce from the many farm fields that surround our metropolitan area. Meet: Duck Caldwell,Director. BAG works closely with farmers interested in donating their surplus crops, and organize volunteers to do the labor, while providing professional field supervision and oversight. They really need volunteers!

ClimateX – A peer-to-peer learning platform for Climate Action that needs your help. Meet Rajesh Kasturirangan, MITACAL Climate Action, Co-Founder at Centre for Public Problem Solving. Rajesh’s PhD is in Cognitive Science from MIT.

Change is Simple – Sustainability Education for Today’s Kids and Tomorrow’s Leaders. Hands-on lessons taught by college students and environmental scientists. not a nature-based program; CiS brings current issues right into the classroom and gets kids to see the problems and potential solutions in their everyday lives. Instilling hope, not fear, the lessons take critical natural resources, such as water, food, and soil, and use each as a foundation to teach social responsibility, sustainability, relationships, and health. Meet Lauren Blemote, Co-Founder / Co- Director (Environmental Scientist, Certified Sustainability Manager, Master Level CiS Certified Educator. Change is Simple needs interns!

350MA – a local node of Meet Alexander Sayer Gard-Murray, a doctoral candidate in Politics at Nuffield College, Oxford University. He works on the political economy of climate change policy, trying to answer why some countries do more about climate change than others. He’s been with the Cambridge Node of 350MA for two years, primarily involved with the Carbon Pricing campaign.

In the friends and family section (2 minutes each) we’ll hear from: