The Environmental Vote

Date & Time: Tue, May 5th at 6:00PM

We are living through a particularly important time for ensuring the environment is front and center in political discussions during local and national elections. For that to happen, people that care about the environment need to show up at the polls.

Unfortunately many of them don’t.

Recent threats to progress made in vehicle emissions standards, environmental law enforcement, the protection and conservation of natural assets, and more magnify the importance and opportunity an election year presents.

To teach and also inspire how to fix this, we invited the expert on this topic and are super excited to hand the virtual mic to Nathaniel Stinnett, Founder and Executive Director of the Environmental Voter Project (EVP).

You will be able to join this important conversation online from your dining table, kitchen counter, couch, rocker, bed, anywhere, really. Here’s what you can expect from Nathaniel:

  • An overview of EVP’s mission and work
  • A data-driven explanation of why the environmental vote is key
  • An updated view of environmental voters and non-voters
  • Reminder of what is at stake in state and federal elections
  • Perspectives why 2020 is especially critical for the next 10 years
  • Thoughts on the chances of a green wave happening

Nathaniel is a data-driven, passionate, knowledgeable, impactful speaker, and has thankfully accepted the environmental vote as his calling. We are lucky he did.

And, if you want to get involved with the EVP, you would be able to do that from just about anywhere. Virtual does have its privileges!

About Nathaniel Stinnett
Nathaniel founded the Environmental Voter Project in 2015 after over a decade of experience as a senior advisor, consultant, and trainer for political campaigns and issue-advocacy nonprofits. Hailed as a “visionary” by The New York Times, and dubbed “The Voting Guru” by Grist magazine, Nathaniel is a frequent expert speaker on cutting-edge campaign techniques and the behavioral science behind getting people to vote. He has held a variety of senior leadership and campaign manager positions on U.S. Senate, Congressional, state, and mayoral campaigns, and he sits on the Board of Advisors for MIT’s Environmental Solutions Initiative. Formerly an attorney at the international law firm DLA Piper LLP, Nathaniel holds a B.A. from Yale University and a J.D. from Boston College Law School. He lives in Boston, MA with his wife and two daughters.

About the Environmental Voter Project
The Environmental Voter Project is a new, powerful concept that (1) uses big-data analytics to identify inactive environmentalists and then (2) applies cutting-edge behavioral science to turn them into more consistent voters. Using a new generation of Get-Out-The-Vote techniques, the EVP is dramatically increasing voter turnout while precisely measuring its impact.

EVP is a non-partisan nonprofit organization and does not endorse candidates or tell people how to vote. Their goal is much bigger: instead of trying to influence particular elections, EVP aims to fundamentally change the electorate so that policy makers respond accordingly. This steady, movement-building approach is using proven techniques to bring environmental voter turnout to a tipping point of overwhelming demand for progressive environmental policies.

Here are highlights of the EVP’s recent progress: