Owning It! Sustainability and Worker Cooperatives

October 1, 2019 | 6:00 – 8:30 PM | CIC Venture Cafe – Kendall Square

Building a sustainable economy goes well beyond changing our consumption and the physical infrastructure we build – it’s about structuring companies and organizations in ways that value employees, giving them a greater role in creating the future we desire.

To quote Richard Branson, Virgin’s employees are the most important customers. Taking it a step further, if employees are also owners, how might that amplify the work of sustainability and alignment with a company’s mission?

Employee-owned cooperatives can be a powerful model for aligning sustainability and corporate culture since giving workers a voice in running their organizations can strengthen the bonds between them and equip companies for long-term growth. Treating workers with respect and investing in them – quite literally – aligns with the values of sustainability.

New England is a hotbed of activity for worker-owned endeavors and NGOs that provide technical assistance, financing and guidance. On October 1st we’ll explore the nexus of sustainability and employee-owned co-ops. Our presenters will be:

BASG OCtober 2019 Speakers

ReVision Energy – an employee-owned solar and renewable energy contractor, whose mission is to “lead our community in solving the environmental problems caused by fossil fuels while alleviating economic and social injustice.”

Dan Clap graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Conservation. He opened the New Hampshire branch of Revision in 2010 and has overseen the growth of the Brentwood, Upper Valley, and North Andover, MA offices as General Manager & Partner. He volunteers his time on the board of directors for Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire.

CERO COOP – Cooperative Energy, Recycling, and Organic is an award-winning, Dorchester-based commercial composter. CERO’s mission is to “keep food waste out of landfills, save money for clients and provide good green jobs for Boston’s hard working communities.”

Lor Holmes leads venture development and capitalization strategies for CERO. She received her Master’s degree in community economic development from Southern New Hampshire University and has led economic development initiatives in Boston for over 20 years.

Equal Exchange – a 33 year old worker-owned co-op in Massachusetts sells fair trade coffee, chocolate, tea, fruit, and nuts with a mission to build economically just and environmentally sound trade partnerships fostering mutually beneficial connections between farmers and consumers.

Danielle Robidooux is an organizer at Equal Exchange. She holds a Masters in International Relations from the University of Massachusetts Boston with research in international political economy, corporate social responsibility, and alternative economic systems. The Equal Exchange network encompasses 4,000 people across the United States and abroad.

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– Eric, Amy, Holly, Tilly and Carol

Photos: The 250+ employee owners of ReVision Energy and our guest speakers

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