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Owning It! Sustainability and Worker Cooperatives
October 1, 2019 | 6:00 – 8:30 PM | CIC Venture Cafe – Kendall Square


Building a sustainable economy goes well beyond changing our consumption and the physical infrastructure – it’s about structuring companies and organizations in ways that value employees, giving them a greater role in creating future we desire.

As Richard Branson put it, Virgin’s employees are their most important customers. Taking it a step further, if employees are also owners, how might that amplify the work of sustainability and alignment with mission?

Worker-owned cooperatives can be a powerful model for aligning sustainability and corporate culture because giving workers a voice in running their organizations can help co-ops do their work into the future. Treating workers with respect and investing in them – quite literally – aligns with the values of sustainability.

New England is a hotbed of activity for worker-owned endeavors and NGOs that provide advice, financing and other guidance to them. On October 1st we’ll explore the nexus of sustainability and worker-owned co-ops. Our presenters will be:

ReVision Energy – an employee-owned solar and renewable energy contractor, whose mission is to “lead our community in solving the environmental problems caused by fossil fuels while alleviating economic and social injustice.”

CERO COOP – Cooperative Energy, Recycling, and Organic is an award-winning, Dorchester-based commercial composter. CERO’s mission is to “keep food waste out of landfills, save money for clients and provide good green jobs for Boston’s hard working communities.”

Equal Exchange – a 33 year old worker-owned co-op in Massachusetts sells fair trade coffee, chocolate, tea, fruit, and nuts with a mission to build economically just and environmentally sound trade partnerships fostering mutually beneficial connections between farmers and consumers.

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– Eric, Amy, Holly, Tilly and Carol

Photo credit: The 250+ Employee Owners of ReVision Energy