November 6, 2018 | 6:00 – 8:30 PM | CIC Venture Cafe – Kendall Square

Plastics are vital and problematic. Not all plastics are alike of course, and how we use them responsibly, how we eliminate unnecessary use, and how we clean up after ourselves are topics most of us need more schooling in.

This evening, BASG’s Amy Perlmutter helps us host the evening:


Amy Perlmutter is an independent consultant whose practice includes strategy, stakeholder engagement, communications, and facilitation to build the green economy. She was an early pioneer in the recycling field and continues to be fascinated by trash. She was the Director of Solid Waste for Passaic County, New Jersey; Recycling Director of the City and County of San Francisco; and founding director of the Chelsea Center for Recycling and Economic Development, where she worked with businesses, researchers, and government to increase the use of recycled materials in manufacturing processes in Massachusetts. She is the lead consultant for the City of Boston’s Zero Waste Plan development, on the advisory board of Zero Waste USA, an advisor to the startup, Magnomer, and a Clean Tech Open mentor.

Amy has invited Bob Malloy to teach us about plastics:

Robert Malloy is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell in the Plastics Engineering Department. He has been a faculty member at UMass Lowell since 1987. Prior to joining the faculty at Lowell, he was a faculty member at the Algerian Petroleum Institute in Annaba, Algeria. He has taught courses on the subjects of Plastics Materials, Physical Property Testing, Plastics Processing and Plastic Product and Mold Design, and is an active researcher and consultant in the areas of thermoplastic processing, plastic part design, mold design and plastics recycling. He is the author of many patents and publications including a book on the subject of “Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding”. He is a member of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), past chairman of SPE’s Injection Molding Division, a recipient of SPE’s International Education Award and is a Fellow of the SPE. He was also inducted as a member of the Plastics Academy Plastics Hall of Fame in 2012.

And Amy has invited Janet Domenitz of MASSPIRG to talk about what’s being done and can be done:


Janet Domenitz has been the executive director of MASSPIRG since 1990 and directs programs on consumer protection, solid waste reduction and recycling, health and safety, public transportation, and voter participation. Janet has co-founded or led coalitions, including Earth Day Greater Boston, Campaign to Update the Bottle Bill and the Election Modernization Coalition. Janet serves as president for the Consumer Federation of America; was a founding member of the Transportation for Massachusetts coalition and the Massachusetts Election Modernization Coalition; and serves on the Common Cause Massachusetts executive committee, Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow board of directors, and Department of Environmental Protection Solid Waste Advisory Committee. For her work, Janet has received Common Cause’s John Gardner Award and Salem State University’s Friend of the Earth Award. Janet lives in Cambridge, Mass., with her husband and two sons and every Wednesday morning she slow-runs the steps at Harvard Stadium with the November Project. Janet began working on MASSPIRG’s staff in 1980. She holds a B.A., magna cum laude, from Brandeis University.

We’re looking forward to welcoming them all here with you on Tuesday evening November 6th.


Carol, Holly, Tilly, Eric & Amy