What is the origin of the Boston Area Sustainability Group (BASG)?
Circa 2009, our friend and peer, Rich Goode, started hosting small dinners in Boston to gather fellow sustainability practitioners together for shop talk. Interest grew and in 2011, he passed the torch and the task of organizing BASG events to Carol Baroudi and Bob Pojasek, who ushered in the era of the CIC in Kendall Square. Becky Snowe joined the crew for over a year until a great job in Baltimore stole her away. Enter Holly Fowler in 2014, followed by Tilly Pick in 2015, when Bob took leave for other endeavors. Eric Grunebaum and Amy Perlmutter joined us as co-organizers in 2019.

How is BASG operating during the COVID-19 pandemic?
In advance of our March 10, 2020 event, the BASG organizers decided to follow our host venue’s lead (CiC – Kendall Sq) and postpone the event. Registrations were either refunded or credited toward the rescheduled event (now slated for May 2020). For the remainder of our spring calendar (April and May) we will transition to an online platform – Zoom Webinars. Those interested in upcoming events should register as usual through Eventbrite and instructions on how to join the event with the Zoom platform will be shared via email.

What are event registration fees used for?
We love the Venture Cafe and over the years, the CIC has made the space available to us for either a discounted fee or for free. Currently, the space is free and we have made an effort to keep registration low to reflect that. Your fees still help us to cover the cost of insurance for the event space, name tags, media licenses for our marketing, outreach/advertising, the occasional snack offering, and nominal speaker costs when needed (e.g. parking). With the temporary shift to an online format, we also need to cover the cost of the Zoom Webinar platform. All organizers are strictly volunteer and are not paid by BASG.

How can I learn about upcoming events?
Upcoming events are announced on this website under Current Event as well as on the BASG LinkedIn Group and Facebook page. Join our mailing list to hear about upcoming events and follow us on Eventbrite.

How can I share an event on the BASG community calendar?
From your Google, Outlook or other calendar, create the event and be sure to include key details like location, time, host organization, description of the event, etc. Then invite Susty Boston (sustyboston[at]gmail.com to your event like any invitee. We’ll receive the calendar invite and once accepted, it posts automatically to the “Calendar” page.

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