An Elegant Solution to an Inconvenient Truth

by Eric Grunebaum Two headlines with nearly opposite impact landed in my mailbox last week and it caused me to reflect back on BASG’s En-ROADS Climate Interactive demonstration event in early June. The first was from Environmental Defense Fund’s newsletter, titled “A New Action Plan to Stabilize the Climate and Avert Catastrophe.” Catastrophe. That word … Continue reading An Elegant Solution to an Inconvenient Truth

Don’t Treat Soil Like Dirt

by Tilly Pick The evening of September 4th with the Boston Area Sustainability Group started like no other. Yes, it once again was a diverse group of sustainability-minded people: professionals deeply involved in the topic; “students”; career switchers and networkers; activists and advocates. All of them were passionate and curious. And, it once again was an … Continue reading Don’t Treat Soil Like Dirt