Make 2017 a Year of Action

by Tilly Pick

As we move into 2017 and what may be a challenging journey ahead for the broader sustainability community, the Boston Area Sustainability Group (BASG) commits to be stronger and to deliver more powerfully on our mission. Still as a volunteer organizing team and affinity group of 1400+ sustainability professionals that cuts across a broad and deep swath of industry, academia, government, NGO, and not-for-profit. Still with a focus on the greater Boston community. Still about breaking down silos of knowledge, perpetual education, and growing a robust community to drive sustainability forward. Now, simply with a few more teeth.

We kicked off on January 10th with one of the strongest and convincing voices about gender pay equity in America – Natasha Lamb of Arjuna Capital. Natasha is the epitome of activism, resilience, and results. Check out this Forbes article about her massive achievements and watch for more to come from this courageous change maker. She fired up the crowd and set the pace for future BASG events.

On February 7th, BASG hosts Invite to Ignite! We continue our efforts to engage as a community by highlighting and partnering with the many like-minded action-oriented organizations in the Boston area doing great work – 15 and counting to be exact. Come see how we can do more to advance sustainability solutions together. Tickets and more details here.

For March 7th, because four years go by quickly, we have invited Nathaniel Stinnett of the Environmental Voter Project (EVP) to level-set about the election process, the “sustainability vote” and to lead us in a conversation about how we can tangibly mobilize our group and community over the next four years. Every election, every vote, every issue, between now and the next election, needs us. And it’s not about political campaigning. It’s about participating in making systemic change a reality. Read more about EVP and how to keep climate change on the political agenda here.

If you’re one of the many people feeling anxious about what the future holds for critical sustainability issues, here is the good news. What we so fundamentally believe in is being pushed into the spotlight like never before. It is our chance — yes, this demands that we, as a group get active, loud and consistent. Now is THE time to move beyond what we believe in and so often come together to discuss, and to more actively fight for systemic change that lasts. We hope to see you at these events and others!

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